Resources - Satyam Dwivedi
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You can find the general and event-specific resources here. For event-specific resources, please select the event.

General Resources

1: Pāṇini: Catching the Ocean in a Cow’s Hoofprint

Equally suitable for students/scholars from Humanities and Science/Technology background this article discusses the beauty of Sanskrit and Aṣṭādhyāyī by touching various aspects of Indian Epistemological Tradition. Click on the link to go to the article. A downloadable PDF copy is available on the same page. This long article is a good primer for scholars from Computational Linguistics/Computer Science to peep into the astounding world of Sanskrit form a not-so-traditional perspective.


2: Annotation guidelines

These are the PDF copies of PoS, Chunk and TreeBank (Syntactic) annotation guidelines for Indian languages. Click on the link to go to download the guidelines.


3: DDLK (doing Digital Linguistics Kit)

The kit contains the essential tools a linguist requires for Digital Linguistics. As of now, it includes Audacity, Praat, Wavesurfer for Audio Data tasks and NotePad++, Sanchay for Text Data tasks. Click on the link to go to download the tools. Please keep in mind to download the version suitable for your machine.

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