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I know that i know nothing

I am a writer, linguist and amateur musician based in Banglore, India. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Computational Linguistics from IIT BHU, and working as a Sr. Language Engineer for Alexa-AI at Amazon.

My not so recent ventures include developing a text-based hybrid automated question answering system for Indic languages, and currently, as an open-source project, I am working on developing a full-fledged IPA renderer tool for Indian languages.

I am blessed to be born in a long practised Sanskrit scholars’ clan and have done some work on Paninian Framework. Primary areas of my research interests include Core Linguistics, Criminology, NLP, AI, Indology, Religion, and so on.

I have a sound understanding of Indian mythology, and the credit for that goes to my father who made me memorise ~10k Sanskrit verses by the age of seven. Some of the scriptures I have worked on are- Bhagwad Gita, Upanishads, Mahabharat, and Bhagwat Mahapuran.

I am fond of Indian music and can play many percussion and non-percussion instruments from wind and string families. The area of my expertise is non-percussion instruments.

Currently, I divide my time between Varanasi, Banglore and Kannauj.


Digital Linguistics

Enabling linguists and grassroots to preserve their languages, Promote qualitative research through use of technology


Epistemological schools, Mythology, India's contribution to the knowledge tradition, Comparative study


Anything related to human-machine interaction and natural language processing for Indian languages


Study of human behaviour, Spiritual awakening, Ideas for sustainable development, Insights from Indic wisdom


Around the globe

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