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Satyam Dwivedi | Official Website
Satyam Dwivedi | Official Website
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I know that i know nothing

I am a writer, linguist and amateur musician based in Banglore, India. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Computational Linguistics from IIT BHU, and working as a Sr. Language Engineer for Alexa-AI at Amazon.

My not so recent ventures include developing a text-based hybrid automated question answering system for Indic languages, and currently, as an open-source project, I am working on developing a full-fledged IPA renderer tool for Indian languages.

I am blessed to be born in a long practised Sanskrit scholars’ clan and have done some work on Paninian Framework. Primary areas of my research interests include Core Linguistics, Criminology, NLP, AI, Indology, Religion, and so on.

I have a sound understanding of Indian mythology, and the credit for that goes to my father who made me memorise ~10k Sanskrit verses by the age of seven. Some of the scriptures I have worked on are- Bhagwad Gita, Upanishads, Mahabharat, and Bhagwat Mahapuran.

I am fond of Indian music and can play many percussion and non-percussion instruments from wind and string families. The area of my expertise is non-percussion instruments.

Currently, I divide my time between Varanasi, Banglore and Kannauj.


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